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Kids Q

Got this email from a bud. I have no clue, can any one help out?

I am entered in the New Holland Summer Fest and I signed my daughter, Melissa, age 12, up for the Kids Q contest. The entries are Chicken, Beef and Chefs Choice. How elaborate should she get? When they mean beef, it can be any cut, like sirloin or a roast? This is her first contest and she is nervous.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Chuck Dorak
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I did this contestes in 2005. For beef you can do any cut I did brisket but I did not have enough time so it turned out like crap. So I would suggest that you do something else. Some of the teams I saw were doing burgers but I think if you wanted to impress the judges I would do a nice roast. For chicken just do what cut you like best. Chefes choice is up to you when I was there I saw alot of teams doing dessert. I did ribs and took second. I think everyting follows kcbs rules so six samples in a box green leaf lettuce ect.

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