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Re: Garnish Question

Originally Posted by Big Mike
I'm gonna be doing my first comp in a couple of months. While it is not a KCBS sanctioned comp this year, they will be using KCBS rules. The rules state the following:

Garnish is optional. If used, it is limited to chopped, sliced, shredded or whole leaves of fresh green lettuce, curly parsley, flat leaf parsley and/or cilantro. Kale, endive, red tipped lettuce, lettuce cores and other vegetation are prohibited. (Improper garnish shall receive a score of one (1) on Appearance).

My question is; what is considered fresh green lettuce? The turn-in box pictures I have seen are not using head lettuce (iceberg) which is what I think of when I see fresh green lettuce.
Fresh green lettuce is leaf tipped lettuce IS leaf lettuce with red tips....that is the most common lettuce used, leaf lettuce

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Bibb lettuce
Boston lettuce
green-leaf lettuce
romaine lettuce

There are others, but the more you venture from the stds the more apt your box is to get attention you don't want.

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