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Some Pretty Good Beans

Add some BBQ sauce, brown sugar, and molasses to the beans

This is where it gets interesting. When we have chicken with skin I freeze the leftover skin that everyone else
did not eat. Slice it thin, fry it up, and add it to the beans.

Fry Ĺ pound of sausage and a medium onion, add to the beans.

Now that you have everything together put in a covered container and refrigerate for a day or so.

On eating day if Iím doing a pork butt Iíll put the beans under it for a couple of hours. If Iím not using the
smoker they get covered and into a 350ļ for an hour.


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Them look good. the pastor at my church makes up some good beans, He puts ground meat garlic & bacon plus the stuff in you post (no chicken fat)

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Good looking beans there oct-97. Id eat those.
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