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Mocha Cappuccino health drink

The Warden got me addicted to this stuff which come in quart plastic jugs from Kroger and is reputed to be healthy where it poses at four bucks a quart. Take a thrifty Scotsman on a short bus to clone it right. Piddled around with a few batches and arrived here:

4 teaspoons Instant Expresso Coffee
4 Tablespoons Nestle brand chocolate syrup (Do not use Hershey's)
2.5-3 Tablespoons Sugar or to taste
(Mix up the dry stuff..then get the tap water real hot an put enough in to make a slurry similar to Mollases then add the syrup and keep stirring.

After that looks right. Add this:

little cold milk to cool it down
2 dippers undenatured whey protein to make it super healthy (this cant stand any heat)
1.5 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon almond extract

Add enough milk or whatever dairy you bring it up to the quart level

If a person has the whey protein it may take a stick blender to mix it up proplaly. For them who like Baileys add Vodka. For them who favors St. Brendans use cheap Scotch or Irish Whiskey of some type. Since I aint much of a drinker it consumed on the rocks in the AM at my crib. The Warden say this stuff nasty and she likes the high dollar stuff best. I may have to back hand the fire outta her. Give some tweaks thanks. Goes very good to wash down pushed pork..cows..chickens etc.
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