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Gradpa K's Crock Dill Pickles

Grandpa K's Crock Dill Pickles
1 Peck pickles
3 Bunches Dill
2 Heads Garlic
2 Grape Leaves
5 qts. water
2 c white vinegar
1 c salt

1 Place Grape leaves on the bottom of crock add dill, pickles, and garlic.
2.Repeat layer till all are used
3. Bring Brine to full Boil.
4. Pour over until all the layers in Crock are Covered
5. Place plate on top with Gallon Jug Filled with Water.
6. Let stand in cool place for about a week before eating.(Start checking them after 2 days)

After we wash the cucumbers we ice them down for a couple of hours, ( It helps to make a crispy pickle)
We also put about 2 pieces of Garlic a layer.

We are off to the farmers market to see if the pickles are in, we are planning to make some crock dills =P~
Here are the pickles cleaned and ready to be put on ice….

The first layer of pickles

A layer of Dill

Almost done they just need to be covered in another layer on dill and then the brine needs to be poured on…

My grandparents would make these every year with cukes right from there garden…..We are using there old crock which holds a triple batch of pickles….

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I need this
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