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easy potato soup

start with just your basic russet. Don't go too fancy with reds, golds or the baby whites unless you plan on eating it all in one sitting, they just dont reheat well.

scrub the potatoes well and cube them into the size you like. (if you go to small they can turn to mush in the soup.

place them in a stock pot with just enough water to cover and let them boil until just barely fork tender. I tend to add the salt in this part so it gets into the potatoes , I seem to use less when I do it this way.

Drain the potatoes and put them back in the pot.
Add a stick of butter and then fill the pot with cream/milk or a mix of both.
Bring back up to a med heat , stirring occasionally without scraping the bottom. depending on how long you have to cook them you may have to add some form of thickener. I try not to let the potatoes boil too long in the water so the natural starch will thicken it, but this can take some time. You could also just take out a scoop of the soup and put it in a food processor and puree and use it, or stcik with what ya know...corn starch or a little flour and milk. ,
Spice to taste. we tend to go with a bit of white and balck pepper , and if I can get it past the kids, a bit of red.

Sometimes we finely chop and cook a little onion and add them in. I like using leeks better for the flavor though.

At this point you can spice to your desire , making it as bland or spicy as you want, I dont think theres a wrong way.

I f you want that European feel, dont let it thicken just let it start to heat and blend then put it in a food processor and puree and add back to the pot. Its the only way I have had it over there and always with leeks.

Top with bacon and cheese and prepare to be full fast.
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