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Veg Marinara

Veg Marinara (very thick):

2 C diced onions
3 large shallots diced fine
1 T butter
1 large can diced tomatoes
1 large can tomatoe sauce
2 small cans tomatoe paste
salt ot hickory smoked salt
coarse black pepper
1/2 C fresh diced tomatoe
1/2 C fresh diced gr pepper
1 finely diced habanero
2 C sliced mushrooms
1 C grated zuchinni
4 T fresh basil (leaves only, chopped fine)
2 T fresh oregano (leaves only, chopped fine)
3 T fresh cilantro or parsley (leaves only, chopped fine)
1 T sugar
1 T white vinegar

Saute mushrooms in EVOO and butter, after liquid is nearly gone add onions and shallots, continue saute until onions are soft and gold (with white wine optional but recommended).

Add tomatoe ingrediants, gr pepper, habanero, zuchinni, sugar, vinegar. Simmer several hours uncovered on low.

Taste the sauce. When you think it is nearly done (should be very thick, spitting) add salt, pepper, fresh herbs then simmer another hour. Remove from heat. Leave sit overnight, sauce is best the next day.

Meat variation:

Reduce oil and butter somewhat, brown meat in seperate pot, add onion/shallot saute to drained meat in pot before adding tomatoe stuff. The rest is the same.
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