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Taco Shop Hot Sauce

There are thousands of taco shops around here and they all have pretty much the same thing and make it all the same too including their hot sauce/salsa. Here is my version which is pretty close to their version

About 2 cups dried Japanese chile peppers
10 Dried California or New Mexico chile peppers
1 tomato quartered
3 cloves garlic
1 small onion roughly chopped

Add 2 TBS oil in a large pan and add all of the ingredients. Cook until chile pods turn a darker red and the other veggies start to cook a little. If you can do this outdoors or you will stink up the house and cough a lot

Put everything in a blender, add about a 1/4 bunch of cilantro, salt to taste and about a half of a cup of water and blend. add water until you get the consistency you want.

Then get a bowl and a strainer and strain the seeds and skins from the sauce. You don't have to do this part but I think its better this way.

The sauce

The stuff that was strained out

Sauce ready to be used, but will taste better in a few hours and chilled in the fridge.

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Summer time here in Ohio I can do those peppers outside, but this time of year there is a lot of smell and coughing going on. Be anxious to see what you use the hilt sauce on.

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Do you use the stuff in the strainer for anything, or toss it out? It kind of looks like chorizo. Might be a fun practical joke there!
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Very nice
Had rolled tacos at Roberto's in Encinitas last week.....
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Looks a bit cost prohibitive. The store is very proud of those peppers. I have mentally added up to about 30 bucks to make this. Which part of Japan has the Japanese peppers..lol.
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