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Regional Sauces

My general assumption is that the west likes more ketchup or tomatoes and the east likes more vinegar with extremes at both ends and somewhere in the middle likes a little of both and deep south mixes in mustard. Now, does this apply to natives only of these regions? DC has many relos and I don't know what who likes what. I gave my neighbors (from Wisconsin) some "Texas" and two N.C. varieties (one had no ketchup and the other had only 1/2 c ketchup) and they preferred the ones with ketchup.

I tend to like KC style the best but will eat anything except the pure vinegar, which seems to work best to cut the thick tomatoe goo of the Texas stuff.

Anybody have thoughts? I'm asking this for a few reasons. One, when I go back to Luisa next year to beat Bill (I know how to cook now, right? , I'll need some sauces since it seems people like different things and they certainly didn't like our Asian bbq sauce.

Do people really like just 1/2c ketchup with 1.5 c vinegar (and other seasonings)?

Also, does it really matter what you put on your ribs when they're cooking (the last hour)? Does that blend with the meat, so as long as you're not putting battery acid on it, it shouldn't hurt?

Thanks in advance.

Eric aka The Pig
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Thick type KC Masterbate and KRAFT sauce is king around here. Just because folk don't know any better. I can go threw gallons when vending. Guess most around here like a little pulled pork with there sauce.
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