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Your Camera???

Iím trying some of the new point & shoot cameras. I only use the Automatic mode and in my opinion nothing Iíve tried, including other Canonís, Fuji, Panasonic, and Olympus, does any better than the old Canon A530 from EBay for $69.00. I recently located a Canon A570 on Amazon for $105.00, basically the same camera with a larger LCD screen. Should be here any day now.

I guess the differenceís become noticeable when you use other features to customize your pictures.


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You old one do a damm fine job John. So do the cook,

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It's all about lighting, you can take some amazing shots with point and shoot cameras as long as you have decent lighing....

John, try a macro setting and get up close, you can get some funky shots. Just beware of using the flash, it'll overexpose your shots easily....

I'm still experimenting with a Canon S3 IS I've had for a while.

90% of my shots are taken with a Canon SD 600. I am a Canon fan.
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Pictures are fine.....don't waste your money!
I hope this isn't negative!
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I use a Kodak Easyshare p850. I own a pawn shop for a living, so I get them kinda cheap. I recommend shopping at one in your town. Here are a few hints:
see what they have and go home and research what the item cost new.

Make sure all parts are there, charger is most important. Probably wont have a memory card or the small one that comes from the factory.

what to offer, If the camera is this years model, probably will only save 20-80 dollars. A year or two old, probably can get it at half price of new.
Kodak easyshare was 300 new, priced in the pawn shop at 180, probably would sell for 150. Yes he is gonna make a hundred bucks, but he has a BBQ addiction to feed .
If I can help anyone let me know. At the moment I dont have any cameras
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They look good, I wouldn't spend too much on a camera, with the right lighting you can take some awesome pictures.
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I have the Canon A570 IS. I like the image stabilization, face recognition, and built in red eye fix. Also take great movies.
Like others said, go to macro mode, disable the flash, have plenty of light, and you'll get some really great food porn !

It's a great camera. You'll be happy John.

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