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Saint O'Que
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World's hottest pepper?

1,000,000+ Scoville units. I'll take their word for it. [smilie=eek2.gif]

"If we took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy, would it?"
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Give it Scotty, he'll eat it.

Hey Scotty! He likes it!

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I hit my limit a long time ago with Dave's Total Insanity (hasn't been available for a loooooooooong time). Not so much a match as it kicked my butt. Not just mine. It was illegal in something like nine states because of the respiratory shock thing. But what's death between friends.

These new guys are collector's peppers I think. You kind of sit around and admire them and imagine, and laugh nervously. Kind of like pure crystal capsicum. You're really going to use it. As if.

For sprinkling on ribs, the El Yucateca Salsa de Chile Habanero (green), hits my sweet spot perfectly. After that, hotter is just hotter.

You've got to try the new Tabasco Chipotle on pizza. So good.
What were we talking about?

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Wow that was an interesting article. I can take quite a bit of heat in exchange for some flavor..but I aint into simply getting burned. Guess thats why I aint a chile head. I got all the endorphine rush I can handle

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Master of All
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1. Chilli 'Dorset Naga', 1598227 SHU
2. Chilli 'Caribbean Red Hot', 530283 SHU
3. Chilli 'Orange Habanero', 487672 SHU
4. Chilli 'Fiesta' (grown outdoors), 286185 SHU
5. Chilli 'Scotch Bonnet', 265054 SHU
6. Chilli 'Apache', 103282 SHU
7. Chilli 'Fiesta' (grown indoors), 102328 SHU
8. Chilli 'Paper Lantern', 85486 SHU
9. Chilli 'Adorno', 67726 SHU
10. Chilli 'Etna', 65937 SHU

So many different kinds, different names, different ways to measure em...those stories are always a hoot.
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This is cool I didn't know that peppers give you a buzz

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