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Let's hope they don't try and throw the series........AGAIN!!!! #-o #-o

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Originally Posted by Burnt Food Dude
Originally Posted by Woodman
Let's hope they don't try and throw the series........AGAIN!!!! #-o #-o
Are you talking about the Black Stockings?

I hate to burst all the "Cub Lovers" bubbles butt.... The Chicago Black Stockings were a National League team. I don't have all the team names that they used thru the years but they finally became the Chicago Cubs . Hmm... Maybe its the Black Stocking curse and not the billy goat curse.
Hate to call you out on this BFD but Woodman's right. It was the Chicago White Sox (American League) that threw the series in 1919, I believe to the Cincinnati Redlegs (the National League team). Shoeless Joe Jackson and others were banned from baseball for life for their alleged part in the fix despite Jackson leading all hitters in the series. The event was immortalized in the movie 8 Men Out. The White Sox were given the name the Black Sox for fixing the series.


That being said go Sox.

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Yep it was the AL team then.
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The astros will take the white sox down!!! That if they can get pass the Cardinals first.
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