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Just put the glaze/marinade of ginger teriyaki , ginger ale, and pineapple habanero Texas Pepper jelly, on the ham . Bought a 10 lb bone in smoked ham from my favorite butcher's shop Barb and Patty's.) It is good to have a butcher who knows you and caters to your needs. I spent well over $2000 with them this year. And they take care of me.) Going to hit the ham with some apple /kingsford bouquet at about 250 for 3 hours. Reduce the marinade to a thick consistancy and glaze. Workin on the sweet potato polenta. Got the sweet taters all mashed and whipped with cream, a touch of brown sugar, salt, and butter. Going to try whipping it up fluffy and folding it into the polenta 50/50 and incorporating it. I want to see if it can be reheated in the creamy state without "clumping" as polenta/grits do. I used "sweet potatoes" and not yams, but a blend of the two would produce better color. If it gets too hard, I'll slice it, fry it up in olive oil. Serve it browned with a ham gravy reduction! Decided to do Big Wheels Hoppin John for tomorrow at the in-laws. Photo's later. Woodreaux

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Originally Posted by Bob T
Now, what/how to do them der scallops for the grill.
Pick up some prosciutto and wrap the scallops and skewer the whole thing so the prosciutto stays on. Then grill 'em. We love 'em that way.


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