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[quote=Bryan S]
Originally Posted by "Larry Wolfe":23ha5o1e
Okay, got the little one involved now.

Way to go RED. That's some good values for her to learn at such a young age. [/quote:23ha5o1e]

Yeah I can see it now when the phone rings at your house and your kids answer at 2pm. "Hello can I speak to your daddy?", they answer, "no, he's been in bed since yesterday at this time cause he's tired!". You simple lazy bastard! Get your battery charger ready and cook something!

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Re: What's cooking for Kickoff Weekend?

The original post in this thread was...

From Larry:

What's everyone cooking for the games this weekend?

I'm grilling chicken wings. My wife is cooking enchilada's, poppers and taco dip.

Who are you rooting for?? Skins all the way here!
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