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Originally Posted by Larry Wolfe
Originally Posted by Puff
Greg ya' ever been to a race live as it happens? ya' gotta try it 8-[
He's not interested. If it were an episode of Laguna Beach, he'd be all over it!! But, we still love him, no matter what his lifestyle choice is...........
I hear ya' bro' :wwnn: What the hell is laguna beach? #-o Never mind i don't want to know

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[quote=Larry Wolfe]
Originally Posted by "Greg Rempe":2t42wqx0
I hear ya...what's more exciting than watching left-hand turns for 3 hours?!?!?! 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[
Greg only says that cause he'd rather watch, "Trading Spaces" for 3 hours! [/quote:2t42wqx0]

I was watching the Food Channel and the Olympics actaully.

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I am surprised with all the "rubbin" going on in NASCAR these days that more of you guys aren't into it! LOL

I really love watching IRL. That has always been my favorite but they just don't televise it like they do NASCAR anymore. Another reason it's not enjoyable is because the drivers aren't that well known. A good percentage of them come from other countries. Now I don't have a problem with people from other places but I like to know a bit more about them.

I enjoy NASCAR now because there is so much information about the drivers nowadays. There is a feeling of connection because these guys came from local dirt tracks and such to make it to the big time. They're just good ole boys like people you meet on the street. Heck, I know a guy from here, who works at the racetrack in Angola, IN, and was asked to be a part of David Stremme's pit crew. Not to mention the cars are getting faster every year. Just think, yeah, I can buy a Dodge Charger and drive it 75 or 80 and worry about a ticket, but to be able to go out and drive it at 175 mph! What a rush!
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I'm most impressed with the way NASCAR marketed itself in the past 5 years. Prior to that, only the true Nascar fans watched ( which was and is still one of the biggest spectator sports), now almost everybody watches. I've been to races and like to watch on TV, left hand turns and all.
I hope this isn't negative!
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Ill side with the non nascar side here also..have been to a live Nascar race at Watkins Glenn a few times, and I gotta say the scenery around the track for the weekend was much better than the race ! But the choice between a race or Laguna Beach ...hmmm ???
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The fact tha a post about Nascar drew so much interest and ire on this board scares me :ack:

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