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Hey Beachbummer. Here are my thoughts on the pics.

The brisket looks good but I would have filled in the space at the point a little more. And the light color piece of lettus looks like a piece from the "core" of the head.

The ribs, I agree with BFD. Doesnt look like 6 pieces. Rules say "6 seperate and identifiable pieces." Just a thought.

I like the pork. I have never done well with pork presentations.

My question on the chicken is, did you try to close the box and re-open it before you turned them in? It looks tall and when the box gets closed, the juices from the chicken would have gotten on the top of the box. Thus retracting from your presentation score. I like the color of the chicken.

I have never judged a contest but I am a KCBS certified judge. I do want to judge a contest one day.
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