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True Value Salesman

I stopped at the local True Value store to get some grates for a Craigslist 18.5 in Weber. The salesman asks if he can help so I tell him what I need…he starts by trying to tell me I might want to upgrade my grills…..I tell him the grills I have now do a pretty good job of what I need out of them….

He doesn’t take the hint and starts to show me the performer….I let him do his little song and dance and when he’s done he asks me what I think. I start by telling him that man that performer is one nice grill but I have the Smokey Joe to Travel with, the kids will be cooking on the 18.5 , The wife grills on the 22.5 OTG and for smoking the 2 small WSM and the 22.5 WSM are work pretty well and for Grilling I prefer to use the Ranch Kettle …..His jaw pretty much dropped…..I did ask him to see the 26in Weber ….but alas they didn’t have any in stock…..(I knew they didn't have any )
Finally I asked him if they had some starter cubes…..He said he didn’t know… that they had a hard time keeping them in stock cuz they only order them twice a year…As he was saying this we found them…and I told him the reason they can’t keep them in stock is because some guy keeps coming in and buying 5 boxes at a time…..I grabbed my 5 boxes and bid him a good day…..

Before I left I did help him sell a performer to an older lady...I'm sure she'll be very happy with her purchase

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At least yall had a good time!

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You should have invited him over for a meal!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Piss Poor salesman I say.
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Originally Posted by Cliff H.
Piss Poor salesman I say.
Well I dont blame ya my family owns and runs a True Value Hardware store, if that had been me I would have simply gotten you what you wanted but pointed out the grill stuff I had in hopes ya might buy something elese. My sister now runs the day to day operations and I strictly hand security ( shoplifters, troublemakers, bank runs).
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