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They took away our team. Our team went on to win the Stupid Bowl. They gave us another team and everybody pretends that it is the same! Then, they changed the rules, so that the rest of them would never be embarrased again by "expansion" teams like Jacksonville, and Carolina. Cleveland got stuck with a team that is a joke, yet the moron lemming fans still flock to see them! We used to pay $25 for a ticket. Now it's $75 + the cost of a "Personal Steal License" if you want a good seat. The players are a bunch of egostical, preening, hot dogging, criminals, who think the world revolves around them. They constantly change the rules to sell more products. The uniforms are uglier every year. It's a joke. I hate it. Bring on baseball!

ps. Bill already deleted my "blue" version of this rant from the "suppposedly" over 21 General Discussion Forum, I can't reply on the poll question, so here I stand! Woodman

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Here's his rant ~ Enjoy!

I don't give a rats ass!!! The league is run by a bunch of money grubbing bastards who would just as soon be sitting up there watching lions eat the fans on the field because they could get lions cheaper than players. The players hate the fans and would just as soon be able to sit in the stands themselves so the could watch their wonderful selves preen and strut around the place like a bunch of barnyard cocks! The fans are so stupid that they would allow their team to be taken away, and endure that pain for 30 years, then, turn around and rejoice when their bastard faggot- fairy- fuck governor (Parris Glendenning) steals another city's beloved team by agreeing to give the owner $100,000,000 to move there. Then , the stupid fans who had their team stolen by these two assholes, rejoices when they get a "new" team, but get to keep all the old colors . Meanwhile, the stupid- ass- piece- of- shit- motherfucker -douche bag owner wins a Super Bowl for his new city leaving the other city with a bunch of 40 year old memories and a new team that is the laughing stock of pro football. Meanwhile, it took a vote of all the owners to allow this to happen! And they get to finance a new palace for the new owner with tax dollars, then get to pay for the right to buy a season ticket with a PSL? I say, FUCK THESE BLOATED FAT FUCK ASSHOLES AND THEIR LEAGUE! Fuck me once shame on you, fuck me twice, ..........
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Some cities have great fans, some cities have bad fans, and then there is Cleveland. Stupid Fans!

I couldn't agree with you more. I live for college sports.
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You know Wood, I don't mind you venting, but why do you ave to slam the Detroit Lions while you're doing it. You think you don't have a team.
By the way, what section are your season tickets in?
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Old 02-06-2005, 04:06 PM   #5
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Bruce, I never have been to that sterile, cookie cutter new monument to commercialism on the lake. And I dare say, I never will.

ps , I take it back. I took my daughter to see N Sync there!

pss. Thank you Bill. I feel better now!
"I was born to cook for people"
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Old 02-07-2005, 04:07 PM   #6
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I guess if you were only paying $25 for your seats they couldn't afford to keep the team there! Now lets bring on baseball because those players are just the nicest bunch of guys who play for the love of the sport and to see happy fans, not the money! Please ALL professional sports figures are a bunch of lying, crying babies!!! It's only a business and only a job no matter how you look at it, and as long as us stupid fans keep shelling out the $ to watch these pricks, they will keep sticking it up our asses!!!!! It's not just football, it's ALL sports!

I hope this isn't negative!
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