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[quote=The Joker][quote="Green Hornet":2zf6tzpx][quote="Nick Prochilo":2zf6tzpx][quote="The Joker":2zf6tzpx]
Originally Posted by "Greg Rempe":2zf6tzpx
1981...2nd grade!
Ahhh.. Out of diapers but still wetting the bed.... 8-[[/quote:2zf6tzpx]

Same holds true today![/quote:2zf6tzpx]
Depends! :biggrin:[/quote:2zf6tzpx]
Not yet but soon... But HEY! I still have all my teeth!! =D>[/quote:2zf6tzpx]
:lmao: Lets not start that one again :lmao:

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