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The BBQ Round Table...

I was thinking of adding a BBQ Round Table segment to the radio show...last night a very short, impromptu round table took place at the end of the show. Uncle Bubba, Ron Hill and Diva Q all called in at the same so I put them all up and we had a brief discussion about garnish.

I figure we could all decide on a topic during the week then address it on Tuesday's show for a 8-9min segment. We can then have a first come first served panel for the show.

Just a thought...reactions??

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Sounds like a great idea Greg, except I would choose the Roundtable panel ahead of time based on the topic you want to discuss and the expertise of the panel members similar to what you've done in the past with the brisket, pork, and rib roundtables. Of course you have to count on them calling in but I don't think anyone on the forum would let you down. It's those celbrity outsiders you have to watch out for!

Another good show last night. Just a couple of clarification points on KCBS garnish. Garnish is entirely optional not mandatory in KCBS contests. However, choosing not to use garnish in a contest would put you at a tremendous disadvantage wtih the judges. And edible flowers and seaweed would be automatic disqualifiers if used as garnish in a KCBS competition. Of course you could always serve them up in the Anything But category as the main course and see how they might score. My guess would be not so well!

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How about a roundtable where the topic of discussion is how to prepare for a cookoff. How to practice, how to organize gear, what to bring, set up, dealing with turn-in times etc.

I love the other round tables. That's how I discovered this forum.

Also, perhaps a roundtable discussing the pros and cons of different types of cookers. Pellet vs. offset etc.
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Dam I was watching the baskeball game and forgot about the show. Did Dave straighten you out
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Woodman would be a good candidate for any roundtable. He knows everything there is about everything...just ask him.

Seriously, I'll do it. Give me a shout.
Uncle Bubba

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