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Thanks to the SOTB posse

I would like to take a quick moment to thank Jim, Larry, Chris and Woody for taking the time to join me Friday night to talk about how the competition was going on the Podcast!

It was a LOT of fun and laughs...also there was some good info sprinkled in there too! Thanks for taking the time guys...and congrats on the 1st place in the "anything" catagorey and your "whatever" place in the pork. Way to go and represent the board guys! You all did great!!

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I just finished listening and those guys were DRUNK AS SHIT!!! :lmao: I enjoyed the Podcast and wish I had been there... ... And, I know what they were gonna tell you about Finney.. :dunno:

Lookin' forward to all the pics and glad you guys had a great time. Sorry about the Rev's eye troubles though.. Next time, kick Larry's ass 1st!

Congrats Finney and to you too...
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