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Thanks for helping me Bruce B..Merry Christmas!!!

Bruce B. is a good man!! He gave me tips and ideas on setting up a Christmas gift exchange on another forum I go to.. It's a surf fishing forum.. Bruce your idea brought smiles to a lot of peoples faces. I would have never thought of doing this unless you did it here first.. The owner of the forum, even put all the names in a box and drew one out and gave that guy a brand bew custom fishing rod worth $139.00...Talkin about a happy fisherman!! I even videos the process and we sang too... "plug your ears if you want"... Bruce, again, your a good guy and I'm glad to say I know you!!!!!


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Thanks SS, same here, I appreciate it. Glad it worked out for you.

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Brits are funny, SS... well, HO HO HO its time for Mr Moose. & GT don't sing no more, get a stand in
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