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Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

I had these a few weeks ago. A guy from Bethlehem mom made them so I figure I would give it a try.. They are a Mediterranean dish I guess. I modified a Turkish recipe.. Here's what I used and did...
I took about 13 small squash called "Calabasas" and cored them out to stuff them... I then took 1 lb of ground beef and browned it with some olive oil. Then added 2 medium yellow chopped onions & some " 7 Spices" don't ask what is in that... 2 tablespoons of chopped up dried currants. Once it is all cooked down I added a cup of "Balsamic Rice". Added a cup of water and simmered. Added more water and simmered more until the rice was soft.. Added salt to taste.. Could have used more salt.. Took the stuffing and stuffed the squashes... Placed them into a small pot with the cut side up and added a 1/2 cup of water and steamed them for 30 minutes... Let them cool off to room temp before eating... These are really awesome side dish... I have more ideas for these in the future... Enjoy the pictures and video!!!




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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Looks real good Sapo! Thanks for sharing.

Chris Shores

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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Never heard of the Calabasas squash, loads of stuff I've never heard of, but it looks good. Kind of like ABT's with no bacon. Thanks for the video
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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Wow!! That's really creative Sapo. I bet if you mixed a little ground lamb with the hamburger meat it would be killer. Thanks for the inspirational video.
Smokey Lew
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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Looks really good and great video.
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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Yumm looks real good,
Ain't made zuccini boats in few years. They simular but with italian flavored stuffin, its easyer to scoop out the pulp from zuc's cut lenthwise
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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Iron Chef America showed Duff (the cake guy) using a drill to core out peppers. That would probably work too.
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Re: Stuffed Calabasas aka Squash

Those look really good SS and I agree with Smokey Lew that some ground lamb may bring a really nice flavor to that dish. Great vid and thanks for sharing.

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