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Old 07-25-2007, 10:30 AM   #1
Saint O'Que
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After reading your post...I was like...umm Barry Bonds??!!

30 Helens disagree.
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Barry Bonds is a Liar and a Steroid user and his hits after about age 30 should be thrown out.

His head is even two times larger than it was just 10 years ago. People don't grow like that in there 30s. If I was a pitcher I would walk him everytime he was in front of me as a protest.

He will NOT be breaking Hank Arron's record in my book and should be thrown out and forgot about.

But I'm not angry or bitter

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Originally Posted by wdroller
Who is *Barry Bonds*?
Wasn't he a singer from the 60's ? Barry US Bonds ?
"I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family, I love the way it is now. And anybody that tries to change it, has to come through me. That should be all of our attitudes.
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Old 07-25-2007, 10:08 PM   #4
God O'Que
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I agree with you, Brian. A crooked referee is the lowest. All referees face the challenge of setting aside their personal likes and dislikes, and sometimes bias for or against a team or player will creep into a call. But to be on the take, nudging scores relative to the spread, that's totally unforgivable.

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Well we've had 6 responses so far so it's time for me to play devil's advocate.

Is making a few calls to ensure that the final score covers the spread unforgivable....absolutely and he should be fired and if convicted he should go to jail. I guess my only comment is, this guy had a gambling problem, he got mixed up with the wrong people and from what I've read he had no way of paying his huge gambling debts, and with the people he was involved with, it's either pay or your dead, unless you have something that they want, and this guy did, he had a whistle and a pro sport. This guy has an addiction and just like any other addiction it makes people do things that clear thinking individuals would never do. Does it give the NBA a black eye, who knows, if it was an isolated case and there are no more bombshells to be dropped I don't think it does. But if the other shoe drops and more people are involved either players or refs, then the NBA has a HUGE problem. Is "all of professional sports in bad shape" NO

Michael Vick....nothing more need be said, if true, he's GONE.

Barry Bonds...did he take steroids, probably, did it make him stronger, probably, do steroids help your hand eye coordination, not so much, he still had to hit the ball. Is he a lovable guy, not so much, but he will break the record, and in the scheme of all what. In a few years someone will break his record.

Tour de France...please

As long as human beings are involved in sports there will be these kinds of scandals, none of this should really shock anyone. IMHO
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Old 07-28-2007, 10:44 PM   #6
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Bonds is a liar, a steroid user, and a miserable waste of human flesh. I have no doubt he will break Hank's record but hope he never sees the inside of the Hall of Fame.
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Old 07-29-2007, 06:30 AM   #7
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Bruce, I agree that roids don't make your hand-eye coordination better...but it do make you much mo stronger! He wasn't hitting the ball out that many times when he was a skinny little geek with the Pirates!
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Old 07-29-2007, 10:55 AM   #8
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I think all of these problems with professional sports is just a reflection of society in general and the 24 hour mass media.

Bonds was a great player before he started juicing but his records have no legitimacy in my mind. Besides, he's just an ass.

The NBA problem with an official, unfortunately for them, only adds fuel to the flame for those that hate the NBA anyway.

Vick, if guilty, should just be buried under the jail. I grew up a farm boy and have been around processing livestock meat and all it entails. I know what goes on to get the meat we love so much but the alleged acts by Vick and his "posse" are simply heinous IMO. It's nothing but brutality.

I love my Panthers but even this week, after all that's happened, we had an OL arrested for threatening a stripper with a gun in the parking lot of a night club in Charlotte. Some people never learn.

Special athletes have been pampered all of their lives. Thus, some believe they're above the law. In addition to being pampered as athletes most of their young lives, they suddenly become incredibly rich. The combination of youth and tons of money is too tempting for many of them.
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Vick is a fool.
Pit Bulls have zero worth. Kill them all. We could be politcally correct and just put them to sleep.
Let the mob take care of the ref. Like the NBA is honest. Paaahleazzzze.
Barry Bonds will die from a brain tumor, but he will have the record!

Whats next? Somebody will get caught turning in a Wolfe Rub Bold perfectly cooked Tri Tip in the brisket category winning 1st place!

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