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I have spoke with a couple of people on this forum about marketing. I believe that my best marketing dollar is spent with sponsorships. For one they put your product out for an auction to raise money which is typically a good thing. They also put literature you send along in gift bags they hand out to participants. Some even put a link on their site and mention you in the literature about the event. It is win win, thats for sure.

So, for all you Guys and Gals out there producing rubs, sauces or what ever, here is one for you.

The 2 of Us Couples Tournaments
Kenny & Linda Wick-Owners
25004 Leatha Lane
Spicewood, Texas 78669

Attn: Potential Sponsor

Greetings! On a quick introduction, my husband and I own "The 2 of Us Couples Tournaments". We have couples from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our web site is at fishingworld.com.

In October we have 110 to 125 couples that have qualified for their Championship. We put on a big event for them. They fish for two days and have a very nice banquet to attend. We always receive sponsorship from tackle companies, food companies and fishing related products for their door prizes.

I am writing this letter to request sponsorship support. I would love to have product for prizes and literature that we could pass out to the couples and would include your company on our web site sponsor page.

Thank You in Advance for your time and consideration.


The 2 of Us Couples Tournaments
Kenny & Linda Wick-Owners
25004 Leatha Lane
Spicewood, Texas 78669

Bryan Knox
Knox's Spice Company
Regional & Specialty Dry Rubs and Seasonings
Find Us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/knoxspice
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