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Smoking with Mulberry

I have a question for everyone. My buddy and I cut down 5 Mulberry trees here a week ago or so. The owner said we could have all the wood we wanted. I was wondering if anyone has ever smoked with Mulberry wood before? I know it is considered a fruit tree. I am totally ignorant on this one so any insight would be nice.

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There has been a lot of discussion on that very topic..but done forgot what folks was alleging about it. I plugged this phrase into Google "mulberry for smoking" and got a plethora of answers saying it was real good. Sounds like you bit a fat hawg in the we say down South of the Mighty Red River. Notice one fella say its just like apple. If its all that good you might want to use it judiciously with a less aromatic base so it last longer than trying to use it for a heat source. Should do well with an oak or even charcoal foundation. Hackberry..Ash and Locust wood are also good heat producers with non assertive aromas.

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Take as much as you can get, it's excellent smoking wood. Mulberry trees are very common around here, I use it for beef and pork when I have it, and a lot of bbq joints in omaha use it exclusively. I think mulberry has a similar smoke to cherry. You'll obviously have to let it dry for a while, but that's a great score. If you don't like it, I'll tug my trailer up there and take it off your hands.
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