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Sea Kittens?!

I see PITA wan'ts us ta thin a fish a "Sea Kittens", huh? Ok, so when I was in the Phillipines I ate cat, Course wasn't always sure when that was, but I did, ifin it taseted good we et it. So, this is gonna sway me from eatin fish how?

Da mn bunch a nuts!

Oh look a the cute sea kitten, lets fry it!

Plants have feelins to ya know!

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I never ate cat while in the phillipines but there was plenty of beaver

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From whut I heard it be a good idear to wait about a month after the Portugese Navy shoves off to chase the beaver. Always wondered if that was a true story.

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Didn't have cat when I was in PI, but the monkey and dogs on skewers that were grilled over coals on the street were pretty darn good!

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The stuff you come up with JB!! I tell ya thats funny right there I don't care who you are.

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