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Roast Beef Poor Boys Requested For Mother's Day

When I asked my wife during the week what she wanted to do today for Mother's Day she said nothing fancy at all and really wanted Roast Beef Poor Boys. I tried to tell her I'd cook anything she wanted but insisted on something simple with the least amount of time spent in the kitchen and little cleanup after eating. So, who am I to argue with her?
Yesterday evening I stuffed a ten pound sirloin tip roast with about 16 large cloves of garlic and put it in the oven to roast. When done, I let it cool down and put it in a smaller container and in the fridge with the juices until this morning when I took it out to slice and make a good rich gravy.
Sliced exposing the garlic

I sliced about half into thin slices and some into nice slabs for eating with mashed potatoes during the week.

The gravy which was so good you want to just drink it by itself.

Using French Bread from Dong Phoung made for one of the best poor boys you can eat. My wife made some potato salad for a side.

Excellent choice for a great eassy meal!

Since it was Mother's Day and my birthday my oldest daughter made cakes for us both.

Mine was chocolate and peanut butter. :P :P It was light chocolate flavored cake with peanut butter cake balls baked into it.


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Great looking sandwich but fantastic looking cake!!! Happy Birthday!!

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That's one of best PoBoy's I've ever seen! Excellent!!
Larry Wolfe
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Even at breakfast it looks great T!
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Glad yall decided to stay home. CNN been reporting some foul tempered NRA folks shot up a big mama's day parade in Nor'leans. Was praying and hoping yall had not got caught up in that deal. Get a different hobby than parades. Thanks.
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Great looking sandwich.

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