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Re heating Vac Pacs

I had three ribs in a vac seal bag and decided to have a snack. I put the whole bag in the microwave for one minute. When the bell rang I looked inside and the bag looked like what you get at the fish store. The Quart bag was all blown up tight as a drum.

As the heat subsided the bag started to shrink back down. I know this is some kind of a chemistry thing but with the air all sucked out I did not expect the bag to blow up like that. I learn something new every day.

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Just watch so it doesn't explode.


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Yep ~ Basic chemistry. Heat a liquid beyond it's boiling point and it turns to gas which takes up alot more room than in it's liquid state. There's still plenty of moisture in pulled pork. BTW, I always heat mine up in the microwave but I always use 30 to 50% power level settings.
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Couple of small holes should do the trick. Or, cut the corner of the bag to allow air to escape.
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I reheated a package of brisket that was leftover from Saturdays comp in boilig water. Worked great. The foodsaver is a BBQers dream toy. Wish we had one years ago. Might have to nuke a pack to see how it compares to the boiling water..
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