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Pickle question

OK, so I tried to just make some refrigerator pickles and after seing what happened wondering if they would be shelf stable.

I boiled a solution of stuff and poured it on cucumbers in a canning jar, put the lid and ring on and popped them in the refrigerator. To my surprise it actually sealed and when opened gave a huge pop since the lid had sucked in a bit.

So, I know it didn't really do this process "corectly" but if sealed would they be able to be stored at room temp?

Dan Hixon
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Re: Pickle question

I don't think so...I think the process is what makes them safe...not just the tight seal but the boiling for x number of minutes depending on the product in the jar and the size of the jar...Just my .02

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Re: Pickle question

What Wittdog said. I quite sure he is correct.

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Re: Pickle question

Well I would only add a 10 min canning bath to the equation. Vinegar is a real inhospitable environment for microscopic critters so had you been able to break 160 to kill the e coli etc. it would be fine for a canned product. As is just keep them refrigerated. I was raised on fresh sliced up cucumbers and onyawns if we had some covered with apple cider vinegar and kept in the ice box. The longer they sit the mo betta they get. Only prob was they normally didnt get to sit long. Dont see why your whole cukes shouldnt act the same way. That hot brine should help a bunch in preserving them.

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Re: Pickle question

I made a pickle brine for frig pickles. The key to get the flavor I wanted called for adjusting the salt and vinegar many times. I was concerned that there wasn't enough vinegar to be a preservative. So, I gave a sample to a Penn State professor in their food safety dept for testing. He said it was fine, with numbers above the 'no go' limit.
BUT, I still won't let the pickles sit at room temp.
Wittdog is right, a killer temp must be achieved and held for the proper time with a lid in place. The cooling/vac holds the lid in place to keep out nasties. This also produces a mushy pickle.
To get crunchy pickles you have to avoid cooking. Clausens are not cooked (crunchy) and are sold out of the refrig dept.
I do the same by keeping them in the frig.
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