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Pic posting

I have some nice shots of the Dover comp, but I have a hell of a time posting pics.
I upload to Imagecave and Webshots, and it takes forever to get it done.
To get the 3 thumbnails posted tonight on the peppers I picked it took 2 hours of screwing around.
My upload speed is 256k which may be part of the problem. Thats why I don't post more often.
You guys got any advice????

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Try photobucket.

I hope this isn't negative!
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I like Pictiger...
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I use webshots and I can figure 3-4 minutes for each pic I post. I live in the country and have Wildblue internet service.
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Old 10-20-2008, 06:03 AM   #5
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i have used photobucket since that site started. Love it. Easy and simple.


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I think the easiest thing to do is start a blog (blogspot.com) and post pics there. Here's mine - I use it just to post photos. I hate those online photo pages - I'm just too dumb!


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