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Oven chicken fried steak

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Ok here's the results, All 3 coatings had a good crunchy crispy crust.
The corn flake coating was the the most crunchy & had a better flavor.
The 2 cracker crust's tasted good but not as good as the CF's.
The hybrid crust took 2nd place.
This was very easy to do, oven at 425 bake for 12min. the flip & bake
another 10min.
I would like for someone to try this with Chex cerials using the 3 flavors
on different slices of meat,
I also want to try this with Cheese-nip crackers.
The meat used was thin sliced eye of the round,
Corn flakes would also be a good coating for chicken & fish,
The flour did help make the crust crip as mentioned in Southern Living.
I had tried this before without flour using crackers & the crust was soggy.
I dipped the sliced steak in gravy after the taste test so the crunch was not ruined.
The pie was fabulous & super rich.


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CFS with mashed & gravy is one of my favorites. That desert looks killer dude.


"De gustibus non disputandum est,"
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ack- you are killing me with these yummy pics and vids


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Go Go Go Go ..... Cook Boy!

I'll take the Hybrid

Looked fine!!!!!

The weather is here.... wish you were beautiful

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Another fine JB production. I could have eaten that pie thru the puter
Geaux Tigers
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Great food JB...

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