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OK, I know there is a revolution going on in at least 5 middle eastern countries with Libya being a pretty hot place to be. There was a huge flood in Iowa a while back that was invisible on the network news and lord knows about a dozen other worldly happenings that are newsworthy. Why is it for the last week we hear nothing of this. Its all weather. I understand it hot. Back in the 90's we had about 200 plus people died from heat and this is not that bad, 8 casualties locally, not to make light of it. Where is all the world news these days?

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The debt ceiling is the big news for the next few days / weeks. If you lived in Texas you would know why the weather is a "hot" topic as well. My grill looks lonely. I haven't cranked it up in probably two weeks. Heck, I don't need gas for it. Just put it out in the sun and close the lid. It would cook anything.

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