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Pork Butt
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Migas + Firemen + Christmas

Our family has a tradition to take food down to our local firehouse around Christmas. A BIG SHOUT out to COPPELL TX Fire station #2 - one of the finest outfits around! Thanks guys for putting it on the line. And a big shout out to all fire/police and service men and women, again thanks!

I made a big 'ole pot of migas (Mexican breakfast tacos) this morning. Man they hit the spot. One thing, Louisiana Hot Sauce makes great food awesome. That is some great sauce and took my migas up a notch or two this morning. WOW.

We bagged up two dozen migas and went down to the fire station.

The guys down there were real nice and gave us a big tour. My three boys ages 7, 5 and 3 were impressed! They even demonstrated their suits and breathing equipment. Awesome guys, thanks.

Also this year the fire department received a grant to purchase a special unit designed for trench, structural and cave-in rescue. This is one nice rescue unit at a cost of over $1MM. The firemen are very proud to have the unit and cover the entire county for these types of rescues.

To the dedicated firemen and women, Merry Christmas and thanks for everything you do!


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Good for you, nice job.


"De gustibus non disputandum est,"
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Too cool Gator
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Nice !!
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Great looking breakfast tacos there, Gator! I'm sure that they were very much appreciated!
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Nice work all around.
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Man, wish I worked closer. Thanks for putting it on the line for the firefighters. I know they apreciate it.[/url]
Bill The Grill Guy
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Great thought...Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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