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Memorial w/e

I survived. Three days of raising hell at the winery.
Clay bird shooting contest. Two traps sling doubles, while a 3rd electric job 100" to the side throws birds across the front of shooters.
The guy who owns the place has an old set of golf clubs that were his father's (who pasted away some years ago) that you choose a club from. For a dollar a ball you take a shot at a blaze orange target with a larger circle painted around it 120 yards out and 100 foot down the hill side. Closest ball takes the money. Two of the guys had their ball fired on by about 10 to 12 rounds of 12 ga from off to the side (unexpected help from several friends). Gun fire and golf shots together is really weird.
We had several who were launching solid fuel rockets. They parachute down (usually), but sometime hang in trees. Gun fire usually will shear the offending limb to get the rocket down.
The pig turned out good. I injected it and a local cooked it. It only caught fire once this year.
Several cases of fire works were set of. My RV took one round to the side. I hate when they take of side ways. Our fireworks are definitely not a sit-down event. You got to be ready to more quickly.
The cannon was fired many times. Usually when you least expected it which scare the crap out of you. The charges got a little hot causing the maple carriage to split. Another shop project for me to make a new piece. The guy that the cannon belongs made it, including the stainless barrel. Nice machine work.
There were some roaring assed card games. The best move, which I use, is to get in real late (wee hours of the morning) when some of the guys don't even remember me playing. Booze does that. I don't lose so bad then.
The various contests were won the the more sobber. I didn't win crap.

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sounds like a party!

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I'll drink to that
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Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all!!!!

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