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It Has Arrived!!! The Bug A-Salt Gun!!!!!!

Here's something some of you might love!
I don't know about you guys but I never have a fly around until I light the grill and all of a sudden they come from I don't know where. Rarely see any until they get a smoke signal.
Check ot this video link below and I bet some of you order one.
I ordered one this past Tuesday.

Door bell rang at the office a few minutes ago and I had that funny feeling it was the UPS guy. I picked up speed as I walked toward the door.
As I signed for the package I had a smile on my face and wondered if he (Ups guy)knew what exactly he was delivering. I briskly walked to my work bench and grabbed a razor knife to open the package. As I opened I gazed upon like it was something I'd been waiting two days for. Well, yeah I was waiting two days. I cut the wires holding it in the box it came in and loaded this devastator of flies and took a few practice shots. In one of the sinks of course. I didn't want to have salt all over the office. I set up a piece of foil just like in the video and took a shot and it does shoot a nice pattern in deed. Now, No flies to be found here at work this day but I can't wait to get home and take a few out by the chicken pen. Mwahahahahahaaaaaaaa............ !

Oh, and it does pack a nice little sting if you shoot your hand.

BTW, I tilted it forward to see if the salt would pour out but it didn't. Nice!!!!!
Oh, you can probably use it to add salt to whatever you're cooking on the grill too!
I just might have to order one for pepper.

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Wow got to have one. Maybe good for salting up a chicken..least one that had flies on it..hmmm.
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