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Is it true?

Just had this sent to me. The person who sent it always checks everything out at urban legends.

This from Walt Hutchens........and really, everyone needs to read this............

"Just a few Americans believe in animal rights. Yet every day animal rights organizations get laws passed laws making it harder to own and breed pets. They can do this because they have big money.
"Their money comes from millions of animal lovers who believe that the check they send to HSUS, PETA, or the ASPCA actually helps animals. It does NOT. Nearly every penny donated is used
to promote, pass, and enforce laws to make animal ownership harder.
"Think about it: Have you ever heard of a new law that made pet ownership or breeding easier, safer, less expensive, happier, or more likely to succeed? Everything goes the other way, so animals and people, suffer. "That's what the animal rightists want: they don't love animals, they hate people. And they are using our animals to punish us.
"To stop the bad laws, we have to stop the money. Then the ARs will go back to being what they really are -- a few unhappy and way-out-there fruitcakes, with ideas that almost nobody else believes. "An estimated 20,000 Americans already know the truth, and are helping to spread the word to NEVER GIVE MONEY TO ANIMAL RIGHTISTS. We need ONE MILLION people spreading the word.
"To reach a million American pet lovers each of us in the 20,000 must get 50 others to help pass along this simple message: 'Friends don't let friends give to HSUS, PETA, or the ASPCA.'
"When the money stops, the AR's stop. And people who actually love animals can stop worrying that the next bad law -- or the next -- will take away their pets or make their favorite breeder move away or quit.
"You can help. GOT 50?"

I hope this isn't negative!
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ASPCA is not all bad. I see they have investigators that assist the police in abuse cases. Animal Planet has a show about them. I personally have no use for PETA though. Not sure what HSUS is but I think if it is the Humane Society, then they do good work. I have gotton dogs from them before and unfortunatly had to bring some negleted animals to them while working. If we didn't have them then we would be up to our eyeballs in strays. My personal money is better spent at a "No Kill" facility. Local orgs that have better reputations. Wish more people would use and support them. I personally don't see why anyone really needs a pure bred when soooo many dogs and cats, that would make wonderful pets are filling up all the facilities. As far as pure breds go I had Bloodhounds and I needed them for work. If they couldn't find people they would be extinct I am sure, they are that stupid, smell bad and drool alot That pretty much describes me though....

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Re: Is it true?

Originally Posted by Nick Prochilo
"Just a few Americans believe in animal rights.
I don't think animals should be treated cruelly. Animal rights? Humans should have certain civil rights, and I don't equate animals to humans. But I don't think humans have any right to abuse, mistreat, torture, or otherwise make animals suffer unnecessarily. Does that put me in a minority? I sure hope not.

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