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**Moving to General Discussion**

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Originally Posted by Greg Rempe
**Moving to General Discussion**
Captain's recipe is pretty close to mine except I use a
Mixture of white and yellow cornmeal and NO onions.
The onions seem to flavor the oil so that every thing
you cook after the hushpuppies taste like onion too.
I think the trick to cooking them properly is in the
consistancy of the mixture. It's not really a batter
or a dough but it's about halfway between the two.
Mix it up like a batter the slowly add more flour and
cornmeal until it just starts to not cling to the sides
of the bowl. I let it rest for about half an hour to
soften the cornmeal and puff-up a little. When your
ready to drop them in the oil just scoop up a small amount
in a metal spoon and simply push it off the spoon with your
thumb. Don't pack into shape or roll into balls or you will
have tough, dry dough lumps. By the time you get 12 to 15 HPs
in the oil you'll be ready to start fliping the first ones,
work quickly they cook fast.
Now, I make them "ugly style" with crispy bumps and warts, if
you want them more smooth and uniform just add a touch more
dry ingredient to the mixture.

Here are a couple of pics of hushpuppies I did
with fried oysters & clams.


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OK if you gonna go fer Hush Puppy's you have to have some bacon drippins in there.



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