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Here we go again.

When I try to post from home via AOL I get this message again???

Invalid Session. Please resubmit the form.


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If Greg cared, he would remove "if ($sid == '' || $sid != $userdata['session_id'])
$error_msg .= (!empty($error_msg)) ? '
' . $lang['Session_invalid'] : $lang['Session_invalid'];
}" from the posting.php to avoid the session check.....or change the cookie domain, and name in the Admin config.....but he doesn't care.

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clear your cookies and temp files and try again
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Originally Posted by brian j
dump aol.
AGREED...AOL will re-assign you a new ISP after 3600 seconds. Its more of an ISP issue then "MY" issue.
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All works fine here... no offense, but AOL sucks!
Wouldn't use it if they paid ME!!!

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AOL attatchs itself to all kinds of crap in your computer...
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John, do you use Google Accelerator? It's an addon that helps you to surf the web faster. When I had it, I constantly got that message and couldn't post at all. Upon researching the problem, it was caused by an upgrade in phpBB (the board software) that conflicted with the Accelerator program. After removing the Accelerator, I never had the problem again. If you don't have that, then it could be another program you are using that conflicts with it.

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