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Green tomato relish

My inlaws want my input/help making a batch of this stuff, anyone got a good recipe?

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Re: Green tomato relish

from my notes from last year, this method came out fantastic.
pulsing in the food processor

10 green tomatoes, 10 pulses, salted.

1 cabbage, pulsed 10 times

3 jalapenos
3 orange banna peppers
4 pickled banana peppers
1 bell pepper
all pulsed

5 vidalis, pulsed

salted each layer as they went
in, and put in fridge for the night

mix: 2 cups vinegar, 1 cup water
2 cups sugar
1 Tab mustard seeds
1 tea celery seed
1 tea tumeric
1 Tab pickling spices

first batch made 5 pints, enough to do some
more, maybe 4 more pints.

first batch boils for 15 minutes.

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Re: Green tomato relish

Sounds like a good one Cappy. Most of the other recipes out there in cyber space seem to segregate the green tomater relish from the cabbage chow chow type versions. You have done a fine job of integration here. It would be like a cabbage saying to a green tomater, "Can't we all just get along here?" (Paraphrasing a multi millionaire from Sunny CA who got a spanking on TV one time.) Fine job.
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