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Gas prices

Act now to keep your family from paying $10 a gallon

Tell Congress you want action on rising gas prices now!

June 11, 2008

For the past 10 years Congress has refused to do anything to make our country energy self-sufficient. Because of their inaction, we soon will be paying $5 a gallon for gas with the possibility of $10 a gallon in the future. Their refusal to do anything has hurt nearly every family in America. Because environmentalists have kept us from developing our vast and plentiful energy sources, we are now at the mercy of foreign governments (many of which are hostile).

If you believe Congress should allow the exploration of energy sources which would not materially affect our environment, now is the time to send that message. Can your family afford to pay $10 a gallon for gas? They will be forced to if Congress doesnít act now!

We have abundant energy reserves, but the environmentalists wonít let us use them. All efforts to provide for our needs end up in court because of the environmentalists! A handful of environmentalists are forcing all Americans to pay outrageous amounts for gas!

Will our families have to wait another 10 years for Congress to act? They will unless Congress hears from American families now.

Tell Congress you want common sense action now to reduce the red tape that keeps us from becoming energy self-sufficient!

Take Action!

The environmentalists have a strangle hold on Congress. Congress will not do anything until and unless they hear from Americaís families! They will have to feel the heat before they see the light! This is an election year. Hold Congress accountable!

Send an e-mail to your two U.S. senators and representative. Tell them to authorize the exploration of our energy reserves.

Forward this to friends and family, and urge them to send an e-mail.

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... as long as we're being political.

(Now, about those SUVs and other monuments to the religion of non-conservation... )

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JB do you remember last year when the store manager at a station on Airline Dr put the wrong price in for premiun gas. It was 27.9 cents a gallon. There were cars all over the place. Could not believe it took him over three hours to figure it out. I can't remember if he got fired or not.
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