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Old 10-19-2008, 04:32 PM   #1
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Gas Grill Repair

I decided to re-plumb my old gas grill today.

I don't use it for much except cleaning grates but I think it is a good idea to be on the ready just incase I want a steak and can't find any charcoal or matches.


" Never let a day go by "
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Isn't that the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared"! Always better to be safe than sorry Cliff!

I hope this isn't negative!
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Well aint you just Mr. Industrious on that deal. I treat them gas grills like I treat my company owned cars. As the grizzled old veteran splained to me back in the good old days.."Drive it till it pukes then go get another one." Now to be honest I have only had two gas grills..(not counting the Brinkmann 5 in One which was sort of a joke concerning its ability to serve as a gas the squatty ECB which went on top made a helluva chicken blaster and I still use it) and the first one was one another guy was throwing away. It was still working fine when I threw it away. The warden thought it looked ugly. Went abut 5 years without one and got in bidness with em again a few years back. Not sure how I survived them years without one. I just love it. If anybody can empiracally prove meat cooked over regular charcoal (lump or briquettes) tastes mo betta than meat cooked over a well seasoned gas grill..I will glady kiss their coolas on the courthouse lawn next Sat at high noon. Now I get to pick the town of course

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I grill with lump and snow up to my rump!
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