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Fun At The Outback

We were a party of six at Outback last night; they were less than half full. Started out with a blooming onion and placed our dinner orders at the same time. Long after we demolished the onion I remarked that people seated after us were eating dinner and we were still waiting. We flagged down a server and asked her to have our server come by so we could inquire about our orders. A manager came over and told us that our server had cut his finger and had to be taken to a hospital, she would check on our orders. Well, after another 10 minutes I asked for the manager, another person came over and told me she was a co-manager, what was the problem; I explained. She left and almost immediately our food appeared. We had ordered a variety of steaks, shrimp, salmon, etc, all of was very cold to the point of being inedible. Manager please; I explained the state of our food. She then confessed that the order had been sitting in the kitchen due to a breakdown in communications and excused herself. Upon her return she told us there was no charge for the Blooming Onion, a few drinks, etc, and gave us a $45.00 gift certificate good at either Outback or Carrabba's. As we were getting ready to leave I put a $20.00 bill on the table and was met with a chorus of “Don’t do that, they don’t deserve it


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Wow, that is something. I have always gotten good service at Outback. Thats where the wife and I go for my birthday every year. Sorry about the bad experince.

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I have had good service there too However the steaks aint as good like mine.
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I went to Outback here one time for my birthday and the food sucked.. My wife got a fried shrimp salad, it had about 5 little shrimps. I got a big ole steak that when it got to my table was 1/2 the size as the picture.. I think you just pay for the fake Australian atmosphere.. I aint been back since.. I wonder who got the finger...
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Been there once. Iwould go again if someone else was paying.
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The onion is about the only reason I would go again. Never had a good experience here. THe one in my town even closed.


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