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This is a serious topic. For anyone who doesn't know I co-own along with my Mrs a Real Estate company in Colorado. This is not an advertisement.

Know that I am not I lawyer.

I posted this because I came across someone who thought their troubles were over. They believed that someone paid off their mortgage and they were starting off with a clean slate. They paid several months of payments only to find out that they lost their home in a scam.

If you, or some one close to you is facing foreclosure, and want some good advice then call me at 303-459-0640 or email me at I'll tell you what I know & if I don't know I'll tell you that too.

I won't refer you or your friend to anyone. If by chance your property is in Colorado, I will refuse to list your property just to keep this on the up & up.. Like I said, this is not an advertisement.

There is so much misinformation out there, I just feel I have to do this.

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They had an article on the evening news about exactly what you are talking about. Very frightening what people will do to others for money.
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