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We had a problem with our first Food Saver..took it back to Kohls and they exchanged it..and yes it was close to a year later...told them how often do you really use something like this

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I had two in a row not work right out of the box, gave up on them and bought a cheap Regal; it works!


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The only problem I have had is with the black and decker was only sealing on waffle parts of the bag...and not in the those got tossed! Along with 3 bags of pulled pork that were invaded by ice from not having been sealed properly!
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I had a phone conversation with customer service at FoodSaver...

My V835 has been giving me problems for a while, in the that bags either do not seal, nor do they vacumm.. It's like the machine seals the bags, when it wanted to... to me , that is completely unacceptable.

I have spent more time than is warranted trying to seal up food to either put in the freezer, or sealing meals for leftovers....

In the beginning of the conversation, they said that my machine was still under warranty, after they checked the seriel number...

They first told me to turn the seal upside down that lays around the channel.. well, that didnt work.... The machice shut off immediately after I raised my hands from the machine....

Their solution to my problem was to try new bags.... that some bags are deficeint..They offered to send me new bags... I didnt have a new roll of bags on hand , so I tried the other end of the roll of bags I have.. It worked one time... I told them I wanted a new machine since it was under warranty, that I was tired of waiting for the machine to work " only when it felt like it"..

The Rep talked to a "supervisor"...They refused..

Since I hung up with them, the machine has not worked.... just chugs along not sealing , nor vaumming, and , at times, just runs until I hit the cancel button... I always make sure the bag are properly alligned in the channel, and there is not moisture on the bag..

They took all my info in the beginning of the conversation.. will be interesting what happens since the phone call ended

I would not ever buy another FoodSaver product again.. please do the same, or not, as they case might be .....

I did inform them, politely, that I would inform this forum about their decison to not send me a new machine.. that fell on deaf ears... Silence at the end of the phone when I mentioned it

Food Saver sucks!!!
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Old 02-19-2007, 07:11 AM   #5
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Bob, did you get liquid in the machine at some point? I did once and that is exactly how the machine functioned for me.
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BFD, when I seal pulled pork, I always add a little apple juice to the bag before sealing it. As soon as the machine starts, I pick the whole machine up while I am still squeezing the lid shut so the bag folds at a 90* angle to the machine. This stops 98% of the liquid from being sucked up. Then when it seals, I open the bag from the seal out, wipe it clean and put a second seal on that. No more problems since I've been doing it like that.

I hope this isn't negative!
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