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Dig Cam batterys

I went round and round with the energizer recharchable batterys and they'd crap out on my pretty quick. Got these to try and they are awesome. I put two in my camera before Fla and am sill using the same ones..well over 100 pics ! They are energizer lithium.


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Those are great!!!
They last me about 6 months in the "kodak easy share" and I take lots of pics. Flash doesn't seem to hurt them alltho video wears them quicker.
My old olympus goes through batteries fast so I use it mostly on AC.

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Thanks for the info John. I have had a lot of problems with the rechargeble batteries too. I will be getting a bunch of those before I leave for Mexico Next week.
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I use Energizer lithium on the outdoor transmitter for my remote thermometer. Not my ET-73, but the 24/7 outdoor temp thermometer. It's the only battery I've found that will go all winter at Alaska temps.

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I bought some of those new rechargable hybred batteries that are supposed to last forever, they don't. I'll pick uo some of these, thanks for the tip.

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The ones we use are called Digital Concepts. That's the brand name on the charger that came with them anyway. The batteries dont' have a brand name anywhere that I could find. We got them at Walmart. The batteries are green with some blue on them and the writing is in yellow (think road construction yellow). These things are awesome! I take a lot of pictures (highest resolution setting) and really don't change batteries much at all. I highly recommend them. They are found in the camera accessories section.

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