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Cooking for a few MIM Judges and Folks. Oh heck...

So tomorrow I have just a small party but the guy who hired me said he tracked me down through a Memphis in May ListServe [like an email forum].

At first I didn't know he was going to know his stuff which didn't matter cus I'm straight up about what we do. He sounded like a great guy and just mentioned the fact that he and a few people at the party are MIM Certifide Judges.

I was thinking "oh hell here we go with nit picking and a mini Judging Critique of me and my Que". All I did was just laugh a little and he spoke up and said the party was about fun and not gonna be looking to beat me up and in fact had got the word I make some pretty good Que.

So Kenny and I will haul the cooker up so they can see and take Butts I'll cook tonight and ribs will start here and finish on the grill with Sauces on site. Gonna take Rub Samples and T-shirts and Merchendise and just have fun for a couple of hours.

Oh gonna take the Big Easy and do a fried/roasted chicken just to shoot some footage of me showing the product to new folks and getting their reaction for too. Milk it boy, milk it. lol

I'll get some pics when I'm actually doing something. Butts were small but the Baby Back Ribs are Phat!

If those guys have Score Sheets and a Tent set up I'm kicking someone's @$$. Well, unless Bobby Fley[sp?] shows up for a "Throwdown". We're on then!

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Go get em Mike, show them what you can do.


"De gustibus non disputandum est,"
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Man I burned the crap out of my hand this morning. I had tossed a full sized aluminum pan over some butts in the cooker and when I went at 6am to get them off the pan of course was hot. I got it on the stool and when I put in the first but on 1 side it tipped and almost fell to the ground. I caught it with the edge of my hand and the meat folks and got it back on stool but lit up my hand in 2 spots.


I'm good at not cutting or burning myself most times so this is rare well.....Medium Rare from the looks of it.

Butts are done, Ribs are on. Kenny called and is alive and well and I'll go pick him up shortly.

The weather here in VA is sunny and mid 70's today so it should be a sweet day. Gonna be back in time to watch NASCAR too. Go Denny Hamlin in the #11 Car!!!

Have a great day folks
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