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Cookin appliances, how many you got?

Here what JB got

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On the inside of the house I got the typical oven stove microwave setup plus I got a Reveo, 2 deep fryers, (as any self respecting southerner should) and a couple crock pots, one for the little stuff and one for the big. On the outside I got 2 grills, the same as the crock pots one for the little stuff and one for the big, and 3 smokers all WSMs. What else could you need. Oh yea and of course a coffee pot.


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Oh my goodness i would not have enough room to display all of my stuff. We have a wet bar in the basement and every single cupboard has my kitchen stuff in it, then there is the cold room the shelving is 6ft high x 4 ft and they are full of my cooking stuff and then we have my kitchen with allof its cupboards filled and also my really big cooking pots are out in the garage on shelves then there is the storage room which is really just our unfinished bathroom in the basement that also has kitchen stuff in it and also in the back shed I have some grilling pans racks etc .

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most of the items that yall said i have but on a smaller scale . just me and my wife and the kids every other weekend . no need for all that stuff that i will never use . i have more camping items than i do cooking items .
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Got a bunch , but only use about 25% of them. Your's sure are nice..I bet wally world loves you man!
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