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Comedien Bernie Mac Dead At the Age of 50

Died from pneumonia. Way too young to die!

I used to watch his show with my family when my son was young. He seemed like a good guy. He'll be missed! ... bernie_mac

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Always enjoyed Bernie
He reminded me of my Army days

Thom Emery

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WoW, That's a bummer.. I knew he was sick, but not that sick.. Sorry to hear about that. Condolence to his family, freinds and fans...
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He was a very funy man. loved the Bernie Mac show. RIP

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Never heard of him. Course I dont get out much. Hoping the Lord welcomes him with open arms.

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Ever since I saw Ocean's Eleven...I think of him when I use aloe vera. RIP.

FRANK (Bernie Mac): you have lovely hands - do you moisturize?

BILLY TIM: I'm sorry?
[Frank's not letting go of the man's hand, the object now is to force Billy Tim into lowering his price just to get Frank out of his office.]

FRANK: I swear by it. I try all sorts of lotions. I went through a fragrance-free period last year, but now I'm liking this new brand fortified with rose hip. My sister, you know, she uses the aloe vera with the sun screen built in...

BILLY TIM: (just can't get his hand back) Uh-huh. You said you'd be willing to pay in cash?

FRANK: I did. You know: they say cinnamon is wonderful for your pores. Read that on the internet. And that ideally you should be wearing gloves to bed, but I find that would interfere with my social agenda.

30 Helens disagree.
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