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Christmas schedule / traditions ?

Whats everybody do for Christmas ?

Christmas eve we go to my folks house and exchange gifts with family (My mom, dad, two sisters and bro and appropriette spouses, nieces and grandkids). we tradionally have sausage baked with peppers, onions and whole tomatoes (we'll use my home made sausage) with way too many differant types of desserts. Christmas morning, we have an "open house" at our place with tons of food , drink and one of those "gift grab" gift exchanges. Christmans night is usually a quiet evening with naps and burping.

For those that have never done the gift grab, its a riot. Everyone brings a wrapped gift (usually something chrstmas) and they all go into a pile. In exchange for your gift, you get a number. Number 1 goes first and chooses a gift from the pile and open it. Number two, has the option of taking number ones gift or opening another and so on. After a gift changes hands three times its frozen. The number 1 guy has the last option. Its a great christmas party game (coppious amounts of alcohol help liven it up too, so I hear).

So, what do you guys do ??

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John we have the same kind of grab bag on Christmas day.
Christmas eve at my Mom's house. She makes a great ham
Christmas morning at our house, just me and my girls.
Every other year we have Christmas dinner. This year it's at my brother in laws house [smilie=banana.gif]
Christmas night.......what you said, even though there's alot of napping and burping in between too

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We celebrate Xmas with my wifes family a couple times if not more and always eat like Kings. Usually their big party is on Xmas eve and then Xmas morning the kids get to see how good we thought they were, then Everybody comes to my house. My side and some of the wifes side. Party again with lots of food and drink. We see or at least try to see all the friends possible during this time. I love Christmas time. I still havent nailed down what we are going to serve at my house but the smoker will be involved.
Maybe some of that 1st place Kentucky State Championship chicken! :cheers
still excited about that little trophy
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my Q Brothers.
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We do Christmas eve with just my wife, myself and what ever kids are at home. I usually do some kind of seafood dinner, then church then home to open presents. We sometimes shift the holidays from either my side of the family or my wifes side, trying to keep it even so nobody complains. When I'm lucky, I get to do the holiday myself at my house. That's what we're doing this year and I'll have the entire family here. All my kids will be home and both families will be coming here. I'm guessing about 20 - 25 folks will be here. I can't wait!
I hope this isn't negative!
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We do Christmas with the extended family a couple weeks before Christmas. Then me and my wife and kids have a rib roast, roasted garlic mashers and BEER!
Larry Wolfe
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